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What We're Pressin'

What We're Pressin'

March 1, 2017


We’re loving the line-up of new single-origins now available in all our shops.

Single-origin: (adj.) used to describe a coffee that comes from one lot, farm, region, or country.



coffee berriesngrowing on the branch



Every few months we switch around our single origin board to present three distinct coffees from different coffee growing regions all around the world. Each cycle Maciej, our Director of Coffee, puts in immense effort sourcing new coffees that WOW.


These three new single origin coffees do just that:


AMACA (Asociación de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias del Cauca) is the name of an association founded in 1999 by 80 women coffee farmers, and has grown to 140 members from 3 villages in the El Tambo area of Colombia. This coffee comes to us through Cafe Imports and their Women Producers Program, which they are developing to “[empower] women along the global coffee supply chain by creating equity, empowerment, and access to a wider market”.


This is a really nice, classic Colombian coffee, with a deep chocolate taste, clean acidity, and a little warm spice.


Karurusi from Burundi is a coffee from the wonderful Mpanga mill, owned by Jean-Clement Birabereye, who built it in 2008. Its tasting notes are green apple, plum, butterscotch. This coffee is supremely balanced and should be especially delicious as espresso at our Special Project location. It has both chocolate/caramel/butterscotch sweetness and outstandingly complex acidity (apple, citrus, all of that).


SOPACDI (Solidarité Paysanne pour la Promotion des Actions Café et Développement Intégral) is a cooperative of 5600 farmers in Kivu, with a recently-completed washing station (the first in the region) in the town of Minova.

It’s a super-clean, super complex coffee. It tastes like candy, but not in the overly sweet way some natural coffees do. Worthy of mention: SOPACDI coffee is Fair Trade!