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Introducing the New Cascara Fizz

Introducing the New Cascara Fizz

March 29, 2017

Coffee is a fruit, and the seed of that fruit is dried, roasted, and used to make the tasty drinks you love. So what happens to the rest of the fruit? Well, sometimes it’s thrown away, and sometimes it’s used for fertilizer, but recently more and more people are trying to take advantage of the complex flavors in that dried fruit and skin and using it to make drinks. Enter our cascara fizz:


 cherry diagram

Quick lesson: Cascara, means “husk,” “peel” or “skin” in Spanish.


We’ve taken advantage of the complex sweetness offered by that dried coffee cherry (think rich dried fruit like date or, well, cherry) by making it into a syrup, which we’re topping with sparkling spring water and serving on ice. It’s refreshing, it’s different, and it’s yet another example of the wonderful world of flavor that coffee has to offer.


Glass of Cascara Fizz 


Sure to be a hit in the summer. Tell you what you think, tag us on Instagram @gregoryscoffeee or tweet us Twitter.