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The Coffee Buzz at Special Project

The Coffee Buzz at Special Project

February 6, 2017

It's been less than five months since the doors to our new cafe opened at 649 Broadway and all this excitement won’t be wearing off anytime soon. Our new shop located on Broadway and Bleecker, is the ultimate ‘cool + smart’ cousin you always wanted to hang out with. Equal parts personality and charm, this shop breathes in a new look in comparison to others, but still with great coffee. The counter tops are lined with crisp, white marble and lush flora hangs all along the ceiling. It's definitely a happy place!

This new space gives us the opportunity for fluidity and inventiveness. Our very own Gregory Zamfotis was recently featured on, 'Gregory’s Coffee: Behind The Glasses With Founder Gregory Zamfotis'. In the article he says "our newest shop features a blends menu, single-origin espressos, single-origin espresso-based drinks, and signature drinks based on our rotating list of coffees. We want it to be a bit more fluid and not as fixed."

Here, experimentation is key.

The Basset Hound 

The Basset Hound drink.

  • The Basset Hound is a twist on a cortado. With apricot preserves, unsweetened cocoa powered, espresso & 4oz of steamed milk


 The Espresso Collins

The Espresso Collins drink.

  • The Espresso Collins, this tall dark and handsome drink has juniper syrup, lemon juice and a double shot of espresso, it's served with soda water to top over ice.


The Lovebird

The Lovebird drink in a glass.

  • The Lovebird is a 11 1/2 oz drink served to stay in a clear glass chalice. Parts pineapple, lime, orange bitters and flash brewed ice coffee, it's topped with sugar on the rim and fresh pineapple for garnish.