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Gregory and Father in front of NYC skyline
Gregory and Father


At Gregorys, we see things differently, because we see each of you. We see the self-starters, the busy parents, the new hires, and the night owls—each with different ambitions, hustling towards unique pursuits.
It's clear you're anything but regular.
You're one of us.
You're Gregulars.
And that makes you family.

Our family-run business was founded with an uncompromising spirit of aiming high and never settling. We innovate endlessly to embody quality on all fronts and serve it to each of you—our Gregulars—in just the way you need. We take care of our own because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between your time and your standards.

At Gregorys, the only choice you'll have to make is what to order.

Relatable • Quality • Upbeat • Ambitious • Dynamic • Witty

Our Mission

To establish and cultivate communities of people who see coffee differently by providing them with unforgettable experiences that are uniquely our own.

See Cof·fee Dif·fer·ent·ly phrase
[1] to understand that incredible coffee is paramount
[2] to experience high quality in an accessible and engaging setting
[3] to know that excellent coffee and fresh/healthy food are not mutually exclusive

About Us

Created in 2006, Gregorys Coffee is a specialty coffee, lifestyle and wellness brand based in Manhattan, New York. With a strong focus on quality, innovative products and world class service, we are specialty coffee evolved. Our community of (G)regulars see coffee differently with us daily. With 30 locations across NY, NJ and Washington DC as well as accessibility through our app, website and delivery partners, you always have access to the Gregorys Coffee experience.

Our History

Gregorys Coffee opened for business in 2006 with one goal in mind: to provide you with the perfect cup of coffee. Our founder and CEO, Gregory Zamfotis, was practically raised in the food and beverage industry. From a very young age, he was immersed in his father’s businesses, and had the unique opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the operations.    

Given the incredible experiences Greg had while working alongside his father, he realized that his true passion was service, and his dream was to create something of his own. Greg decided to combine his passion for coffee with his life’s experience and launched the Gregorys Coffee brand. The invaluable lessons Greg learned while watching his father run his businesses became the pillars upon which Gregorys Coffee was built. Gregorys Coffee launched in the heart of Manhattan, focusing on quality, service, efficiency and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The results were amazing, and it didn’t take long for the father and son team to open more locations. As the company has continued to grow, and more and more amazing people join the team, we continually defy the trend of sacrificing quality for size. Instead, we are hellbent on improving in all areas: from roasting our own coffee and baking our own pastries to ensure superior quality, to our intensive barista training program to guarantee welcoming and efficient service, to our plethora of vegan/gluten free wellness oriented products, our focus is on improving every single day. It only takes one visit to any of our thirty stores to understand that at Gregorys Coffee, we and our (G)regulars truly do See Coffee Differently.

Our Coffee

Bags of Our Coffee

We work with the world's premier importers and exporters of coffee, who give us access to the best and most interesting coffees available. Our team works tirelessly to select coffees for our program and develop roast profiles to bring the absolute best out of each bean. We roast four days a week in our facility in Long Island City ensuring freshness. Our program includes Gregs House, our everyday blend, Night Vision, our one of a kind espresso blend, Slow Jam, our extremely delicious decaf blend, and Dark Enough, our exciting new dark roast. In addition, we always carry limited edition single origin coffees that we source for their unique, exotic and special flavor profiles.


Our Food

Pouring glaze on donuts

Gregorys is more than just coffee. Our pastries and packaged foods are curated by our in-house registered dietitian and prepared from scratch daily by our amazing team of bakers. While we have a number of staple items in the food program, we take pride in our ability to innovate, constantly updating our offerings. From new and interesting health conscious items to familiar, comforting foods, we do it all. As proud as we are of the coffee program, our teams' ability to produce incredible baked goods, light bites and healthy options truly sets us apart.