Plant-Based Pastry Power

Plant-Based Pastry Power

February 26, 2020

Regardless of your morning routine, the appeal of fresh doughnut is hard to resist. However, when you're plant-based, finding a solid vegan donut seems like it’s never going to happen. 

You wake up early to make your daily Gregorys run. Walking up the pastry case, you decide if you want your usual vegan  scramble or maybe you'll switch up with a crunchy power bite. All of a sudden, your jaw drops. The moment you have been waiting and wishing for has arrived. Our first vegan donut has hit stores. No, you’re not dreaming. Its beautiful golden brown exterior captures your attention and makes your mouth water just at the thought of taking a bite.

You can’t help but order one. 

A smell reminiscent of french toast fills the air. You go in for the kill. The result? A perfect cakey, soft inside, a new addition to your weekly rotation, and the perfect partner for your cup of Greg.

After extensive testing, we have been able to replace the non-vegan items in our products with plant-based ingredients that mimic the functionality of the original and deliver the same result. This donut contains no animal products including milk, eggs, honey or gelatin whatsoever. 

Want to take it to the next level? Ask any barista to heat it up and give you some maple syrup on the side. 

Whether you're vegan or not, good luck eating just one.

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