A Drink So Good You'd Cheat

A Drink So Good You'd Cheat

February 26, 2020

Love is in the air at Greg’s and we’re falling hard. Whether you have a bae or nah, we want you to bean ours this Valentine’s Day.  Here’s what makes us the perfect candidate:

⁃ We can hand feed you chocolate-covered strawberries topped with coffee nibbles.

⁃ We keep your hands warm.

⁃ We don’t leave you on read. Seriously, text us at (917)-383-0636.

- We care about your dietary restrictions, especially if you're vegan & gluten-free.

- We give you $5 dollars when you let us become your go-to bae-rista. Get yours here: www.gregoryscoffee.com/gregulars

So, how about we have a love affair together? 

Where? At any of our locations. When? Now.

Our new Love Affair latte is made with espresso, homemade strawberry syrup, mocha, oat milk and topped with vegan whipped cream. It’ll have you cheating on your usual cup of morning fuel.




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