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Our 3 new Single Origins available on aeropress!

Our 3 new Single Origins available on aeropress!

July 21, 2017

Introducing new coffees is always an exciting time for us. Now available are three new single origin coffees we believe are quite tasty, and think you will too.


San Carlos

This is the second year we’ve served coffee from San Carlos. Like last year, San Carlos is a really cool combination of pleasant, familiar chocolatey flavors with interesting strawberry acidity, grape notes, and a creamy body. Most of this coffee is from the San Carlos farm, but there is also some coffee mixed in from Villa Estela and San Ignacio, all three of which are located close to the city of Antigua.


Kayon Mountain

It’s pretty rare that we see a single farm lot from Ethiopia. Up until recently, most coffee from Ethiopia was sold through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, a centralized market for all goods coming out of Ethiopia. Now, regulations are being loosened, and co-operatively owned washing stations are being allowed to export their own coffee.


Kayon Mountain is a co-operatively owned farm that also owns its own washing station and dry mill. Like many washed Ethiopian coffees, this one is super floral and tastes like peaches with a pleasant lemon acidity.


Fun Fact:

Most Ethiopian coffees are labeled as  “mixed heirloom”, “various Ethiopian varieties”, or “mixed heirloom landraces”. Why?

  • Basically, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and while we can trace the transport and development (and, later, cultivation) of many varieties throughout the world, the Ethiopian coffee we get generally comes from many smallholder farmers who have been planting varieties handed down for hundreds of years on their families’ farms. There are thousands of these different varieties in Ethiopia, and we’re nowhere near able to distinguish or map them. Biodiversity is the term for this huge number of different varieties growing in the same region, and Ethiopia is definitely the most biodiverse coffee growing region in the world.


La Huella


Fincas Mierisch is a group of farms in Nicaragua owned by the Mierisch family. This is a really nice coffee with floral and bright fruit flavor notes we wouldn’t usually expect from a Nicaraguan coffee, a very pleasant body, a ton of fruity sweetness, and some nuttiness in the background as well. This is a pulped natural (aka honey) process coffee, meaning that the skin and some of the pulp/mucilage were removed before drying, but some pulp/mucilage is left on, leading to a little more body and jammy sweetness than a washed coffee would normally have.