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Summer Coffee Cocktail Lovin'

Summer Coffee Cocktail Lovin'

July 14, 2017

Summer brings a change to the coffee cocktail menu at our Special Project shop at 649 Broadway. Our team has been hard at work playing with fun ingredients and we’ve come up with three new cocktails we’re confident will put a smile on your face in the warm months.


Our first offering is all about flowers blooming: the Kiss From a Rose starts with our espresso, which we perk up with a smidge of lemon juice and simple syrup. To that, we add a little bit of rose water which makes this a super fragrant drink. A topper of sparkling water seals the deal as those bubbles really make all that aroma pop.


The Kiss From a Rose coffee cocktail


Next, we have another perfect summer sipper: the Off to the Races. This one uses our already-refreshing flash-brewed iced coffee and mixes in some apricot juice. That gets shaken with a few drops of vanilla extract, which takes the whole thing in both a cream soda and a bourbon direction. That tasty mixture gets poured over ice in a julep cup and garnished with a mint. You might as well drink it while wearing a fancy hat.


The Off to the Races coffee cocktail
Finally, because we can’t leave the “hot coffee all year round” drinkers out: the RR Diner. We wanted to combine our delicious espresso with a cherry pie vibe, so we took some black cherry juice, mixed with some almond extract and baking spices, and combined that with espresso and milk. Give yourself a present with this comforting, cortado-sized drink.

The RR Diner coffee drink