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Employee of the Month Jennifer

Gregorys has an ever-expanding/changing roster of baristas and managers that we depend upon to deliver quality coffee and good vibes; we have lucked out more times than one could imagine when it comes to welcoming terrific people on board.  One of said blessings has been Jennifer Vazquez, who was recently promoted to manager over at 55th and Madison. We sat down with her soon after she took the mantle to reflect on her experience with us thus far, how she has taken to the task of manager, and what she calls her "eccentricities". 

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Gregory's Book Club

The Specialty Coffee movement has made the story of coffee – how it gets from the farmer to the roaster to the shop to your cup – an important part of the drinking experience. But we like other stories too. So every month or so we have one of our baristas pick a book to devour and discuss. Read along!


Thursday Night Throwdowns

A little friendly competition (that happens to involve a few dollars) can really inspire some creativity. We’re having our best baristas go head-to- head to see who can keep a steady hand under pressure and pour the most breathtaking micro-foam artwork in their latte. We’ll keep you updated with winning baristas, winning artwork, and your chance to compete.


Film Club

A great man once said, “If you have a big enough wall there’s no reason not to project movies on it.” So, in the proud tradition of Gregory’s Book Club, we’ve started getting together, having a few drinks, and watching some wonderful films from all corners of the cinematic world. Which dance number from Singin’ in the Rain is your favorite?