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Free Wi-Fi

We like having you around! So bring your laptop or tablet, grab a seat, and enjoy some delicious coffee while surfing the internet to your heart’s content. Whether you’re studying, preparing for a meeting, or just killing time, we’ll help you stay connected.


Premium Snacks

A buttery croissant with a buttery cappuccino? A tasty biscotti with a double espresso? A fresh sandwich with a cool iced coffee? We have an ever-changing and expanding menu of snacks for you to pair with your drink. Our first love is coffee, but that doesn’t mean we don’t hold our food to the same standard of quality, and our kitchen is constantly cranking out new, interesting ideas to keep you from getting hungry.


Amazing Service

There exists a stereotype of the barista as elitist, snobby, and mean. We’re having none of that here. Our staff is well-trained enough to talk coffee with a knowledge coffee enthusiast, but we think it’s just as important to communicate our love of coffee to beginners in a straightforward, unintimidating way. We’re pretty good at talking about other things, too.

Gift Cards Available

You can now send a Gregorys Coffee Digital Gift Card to anyone. They’ll get a gift-wrapped email with their Gift Card which can be redeemed by linking to a new or existing Gregorys Coffee account or by printing out the email. Click here to order.