Gregular Rewards

Get G's for every $1 you spend. Earn 10 G's for every $1 spent. The more G’s you rack up the bigger the rewards you can earn. Shop our rewards store to access some of your favorite items

There are four status levels in our loyalty program.

Starting with our base level- Gregular status. With the app, you'll be able to order ahead, order for delivery and scan to pay in-store. You'll receive special offers and benefits like an annual Gregular anniversary reward.

When you spend $250, you have unlocked Hot Shot status. As a Hot Shot, you will earn a free bag of coffee to celebrate leveling up. Additionally, enjoy free in-store refills, a special birthday reward and exclusive Hot Shot only perks.

When you spend $500, you are now entering Visionary status. As a Visionary, you can enjoy all the Hot Shot perks, plus 10% off all bags of coffee and monthly BOGOs.

When you spend $1000, you have unlocked our highest tier, VIG (Very Important Gregular). As a V.I.G., enjoy all your previous perks plus some more. Enjoy a free coffee once a month, 20% all bags of coffee, BOGOs 3 times a month and exclusive events with Greg.

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