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Vegan Scramble

Vegan Scramble

June 25, 2020

Can vegans have it all??

August 16, 2019


Picture this: It’s early on a Friday morning and I’m commuting to work. It’s been a LONG week; it took a little bit longer than usual to get out of bed today, and all I want is an egg and cheese sandwich. A classic New York morning.. But then I remember.. I’m VEGAN. OH NO, what now?


Calling all vegan New Yorkers, our prayers have been answered! *enter* the VEGAN scramble from Gregory’s. It’s an entirely plant based breakfast sandwich made with dairy-free American cheese, “JUST” egg scramble, and served on the MOST savory, toasted rosemary focaccia bread. Drizzle on some sriracha, you’re good to go.


I know what you’re thinking. There’s simply no way they can replicate the flavor of egg and cheese. Well, I’m here to tell you.. they DID THAT. And I had myself an amazing Friday morning as a result.


Happy Friday Gregulars!