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Summer Single Origin Coffees

Summer Single Origin Coffees

July 11, 2018

As summer officially begins, we’re introducing two delicious and refreshing new single origin coffees that our amazing baristas are ready and excited to make for you.



We’ve got another special Colombian coffee: the La Pradera Gesha. Just like wine grapes and apples, the coffee plant comes in many different varieties, and the Gesha variety is the most famous and highly-prized coffee varieties there is. If you see a Gesha coffee, you’re right to expect a hugely aromatic coffee with lots of complexity and even more sweetness. This particular Gesha comes from Dionel Lopez Chiolito’s farm La Pradera in the Huila region of Colombia. A few years ago he switched a part of his farm to Gesha and was rewarded with a super-fruity, interesting, and overall delicious coffee. It has grape and tropical fruit notes that taste like candy, yet the sweetness is never cloying or boring. As it cools, more and more flavors reveal themselves (and that’s true of any good coffee, but this one’s like getting lost in a Cezanne painting). And lest this talk of complexity and taxonomy make this all sound very complicated, fear not: these are big, fun flavors we’re dealing with here, and we’re confident that if you give La Pradera a shot, you’ll taste ‘em.


Pour Over coffee in action

Our second summer offering comes from one of our very favorite coffee origins, Burundi. Coffees from Burundi tend to have a really great balance between the fruit notes you’d expect from East African coffees and lots of big sugar browning flavors, and this Kiryama definitely fits that profile. Just like the delicious Karehe coffee we served in the spring, Kiryama comes to us from our friends at JNP Coffee in Burundi, who work with farmers and mills throughout Burundi and buy some really great coffee. It’s a really pleasant coffee, hitting you with sweet, juicy orange notes right off the bat and remaining eminently drinkable throughout. There’s dark fruit like blackberry and the aftertaste is of some sort of fancy candy bar.


close-up of pour over process

Both of these coffees are available on our Aeropress bar, and they’re available both hot and iced. Do summer right and drink these wonderful coffees before they’re gone.