New Year, New Gregs House Blend

New Year, New Gregs House Blend

January 18, 2018



Gregs House new flavor notes: green apple, chocolate, and blood orange.


Our new Gregs House blend is filled with energetic flavors that cater to the serious coffee lover. This edition of our Everyday Blend has a gentle fruity brightness while maintaining that creamy body and deep chocolatey and nutty sweetness.


We’ve featured a regional coffee from Colombia in our blend for a long time, and through our partners at InterAmerican coffee, we switched to a coffee called Los Paisanos. Los Paisanos is still far from a single farm lot, it has contributions from around 200 farmers in the Tolima region.


For our Brazilian component we have the Mogiana blend from Antonio Carlos Brigagao Alcantara. And finally, our third coffee, from the Bebes washing station in Papua New Guinea, is a real stunner that also contributes chocolate and body while making those fruit flavors more complex.


None of this would actually matter if these coffees didn’t up tasting good together. The Los Paisanos brings crisp acidity to this blend while also carrying some chocolate notes that mix well with the other coffees. The Mogiana coffee, like many naturally-processed Brazilians, rounds out the body has tons of chocolate flavor.


The new version of Greg House is familiar, but distinct and will ensure you start your day off right.


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