New Store Now Open - 40th and Madison

December 18, 2014

With 2014 coming to a close, we can proudly put our name to another six locations around Manhattan. Here's a peek at the latest in the lineage, 40th and Madison:

In sight of itselfOn sight.


instagram photos of new shop

New store comes with new toys and sweet espresso.


all seeing

Prize to whoever makes out the last line.


retail bags

Basket case - we have both blends and single origins.


There's plenty more to see: a wall of mad advertisements from a bgone era and a staff, pleasant and fully-present. If your workday now consists of working near a certain Gregorys, making it a part of your daily routine will surely wake you up and open your eyes with regards to seeing coffee differently. We pride ourselves on the quality of the coffee we produce; how we source it and have it roasted. So much so that we started our Gregorys Select program earlier this year. Basically, 2014 has treated us very well and we hope that our coffee and newly-founded stores express ( that to the utmost.

So stop by, stay more than a while and more often!