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Healthy Treats Can Still Taste Delicious

Healthy Treats Can Still Taste Delicious

December 12, 2016


Vegan Pastries


We are happy to announce a new line of vegan and gluten free options. These new pastries prove that healthy treats can still taste delicious!

Many of us have grown up thinking that flour and butter are absolutely necessary to make any sweet treat tasty and rich, but our new Vegan and gluten Free pastries show that is not true. The four new treats are a great alternative for those with dietary restrictions and for the health conscious. 

Introducing, a new Dark chocolate cookie, Crunchy power bite, PB banana energy bite and a new Raspberry coconut scone, filled with complex flavors and were created in mind to pair with any espresso drink or coffee. 


4 images of pastries: cookies and baked bites