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Executing Latte Art With Well-Steamed Milk

Executing Latte Art With Well-Steamed Milk

January 5, 2017

Great lattes are built upon great espresso, but you can't have a great latte (or great latte art) without great milk. During our trainings at Gregorys, we evaluate milk through two of its qualities - flavor, and texture.


pouring milk



In order for the milk to taste great, on top of being really tasty milk to begin with, it needs to be heated to the proper temperature - somewhere around 150 degrees. This will ensure that the lactose (the sugar that's found in dairy products) breaks down - meaning we'll be able to taste it more! In order for milk's texture to be great, we make sure to aerate the milk only when it's cold, precisely making tiny bubbles in the milk - or microfoam.


pouring milk foam


Once we have properly aerated and heated milk, we incorporate it into the espresso. The pouring technique will dictate the latte art that is created in the drink, and latte art can only be executed properly with well-steamed milk. So it really is a beautiful cycle of proper preparation begetting lovely presentation, priming your tastebuds for a wonderful sensory experience.


pouring technique makes designs in the foam



- by Director or Education, Bailey Arnold