Coffee and Health Coverage

January 10, 2015

Whether you're Paul Krugman or an anti-Krug/Ted Cruz pundit, ObamaCare is getting cosy and even cosier as time passes. Gregorys Coffee are taking the hint (and mandate) and providing our full-time employees with a company-wide healthcare plan. Employees working over 30 hours a week are eligible to join with a 50% contribution into the plan. It's a figurative java jacket - coffee and safety for comfortable living. 


Health Care Plan logo

So if you intend on tightroping the Grand Canyon or crowd surfing shark-infested waters, getting some coverage with Gregorys might not be a bad idea. We are happy to assist in daredevil dreams and support your general well-being - even if being well is a kind of stasis closer to cryogenics, all walks of life are covered for.  

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