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Brewing on the Aeropress

Brewing on the Aeropress

April 17, 2017


Brewing coffee at home, or at work, can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. The aeropress, our brew method of choice makes a delicious cup of coffee, it’s how we brew all of our single origins.


It offers consistency by way of the fact that if you follow the recipe, you'll get great-tasting coffee every time. The Aeropress is not only reliable and consistent, but also beyond awesome in output of flavor. Sounds strange, but only because the world's a cruel mistress and scarcely admits such a compound of inviting adjectives.

aeropress (TM), dose of coffee: 15 grams, water: 8 ounces/227 grams, brewing time: 2 minutes

1. Pre-heat aeropress, lid with filter, water kettle, stirring stick and whatever vessel you are going to press your coffee into.

water pouring into aeropress 

2. Grind your coffee medium-finely.  3. Using the plastic funnel that comes with the aeropress, pour the grinds into the fully extended aeropress chamber.

 coffee grinds being poured into aeropress


4. Invert your aeropress (with the plunger on the bottom, and the chamber on top) and if you have a scale, place it on top of your scale, making sure to tare it to 0. If you don't have a scale, just make sure your aeropress is extended below the no. 4 circle before you begin to pour your water.  The capacity of the chamber is around 8oz, give or take the volume the coffee grinds take up.  5. Using 200-dregree water (just under boiling), pour half of your total water volume into the aeropress, beginning your timer as soon as the water hits the coffee.

water pouring into aeropress

6. Stir your coffee with your stirring stick about three times, making sure all of the grinds are saturated with water, and the crust at the top of the brew has been broken.

stirring the coffee in the aeropress

7. Pour the rest of your water, leaving you with a total of 8 ounces/227 grams/ a full aeropress.  Stir again, same method as before.

stirring the coffee in the aeropress

8. As quickly as possible, twist the cap onto the aeropress.  9. Pre-heat/rinse your plastic funnel (the same one you used to dose the grinds), to be used to press the coffee into the vessel.  10. When your timer has reached 1 minute and 27 senconds, flip the aeropress onto the plastic funnel and press into designated vessel.  Press at a consistent rate, it should take exactly 30 seconds - making your total brewing time 2 minutes.

aeropress sitting atop the coffee mug