1407 Broadway Doors are Open

1407 Broadway Doors are Open

May 15, 2017

Today we open the doors of our newest shop at 1407 Broadway. This location is our 23rd in the New York and Jersey City area.


Ten dollar bill in front of a Gregorys coffee bar



With opening a new shop there are the typical considerations of what that means: growth/expansion, goals, market or industry foresight. A new store for the Gregorys Coffee family ultimately affects everyone. From our team roasting all our coffees, to the bakers at our commissary who begin each day at 7am, to team members in shops and a small core team behind the scenes, no one goes untouched.


A new store for us means ways to advance, innovate, and perfect the process. No two stores are the same. With each open comes a different set of rules, and 1407 Broadway gave us the opportunity to try new things. By lowering our counter and removing certain barriers between our team and the guest, we've created a more intimate experience. Our team loves talking coffee and these changes will allow for more conversations to be had. We know you'll love it.


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