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Seeing Mylk Differently

Seeing Mylk Differently

August 1, 2017

Mylk — spelt with a 'Y' indicates that this is a "milk" type of texture with a non dairy base. The new Chocolate, Charcoal, and Golden Mylks are dairy free (almond milk), healthy and DELICIOUS.


Chocolate, Charcoal, and Golden Mylks, made with dairy alternative


Our Chocolate Mylk is an almond milk mix with cacao, maca, medjool dates and Himalayan salt.


Ingredients: cacao powder, maca powder, medjool dates, himalayan sea salt, almond milk

Benefits: cacao packs a lot of antioxidant power, like turmeric.  Additionally, cacao has high levels of iron, magnesium, calcium, and is also said to be a mood elevator and antidepressant!  Maca, is said to include a positive effect on hormone balance, energy levels and is a health booster.  It also has a high calcium level.  Medjool Dates provide an awesome carmelly natural sweetness. Himalayan Salt is a unique salt that provides a depth of flavor as well as help regulate water levels in your body, promotes healthy pH balance in your cells, and promote blood sugar health.


chocolate mylk 

The Charcoal Mylk with its awesome dark grey color, is simply made with almond milk, activated charcoal and medjool dates.


Ingredients: activated charcoal, medjool dates, almond milk

Benefits: The main thing here is the activated charcoal.  The benefits of the activated charcoal seem to be growing day by day.  Lately people have started using this to whiten their teeth, and treat skin blemishes.  But when people drink liquids containing this charcoal, the main benefits are: it alleviates gas + bloating, serves as a digestive cleanse, helps prevent damage to the kidneys and liver, (and is a real hangover cure…)


charcoal mylk


The Golden Mylk is our turmeric-ginger concentrate with almond milk.


Ingredients: cold pressed turmeric, cold pressed ginger, honey, almond milk

Benefits:  Turmeric is said to be an anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation is a chronic cause of many diseases, thus reducing inflammation is important!  Turmeric also is said to pack many antioxidants, important for a healthy body.  Ginger, like turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and also aids in digestion and relieves nausea.


golden mylk