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Our new decaf blend!

Our new decaf blend!

July 22, 2016

Decaf gets a bad rap sometimes and I can sort of understand why. Decaffeination is an expensive process, so the quality of the coffee beans purchased for it can suffer. Some decaffeination processes can make the coffee taste off. Decaf can work somewhat differently than regular coffee, making it frustrating for both roasters and baristas.

But we really like decaf at Gregorys Coffee. We believe that a big part of specialty coffee is that coffee is a beverage worth drinking for its delicious taste, not just its caffeine. So the idea that the folks that drink coffee strictly for the taste aren’t getting coffee that tastes good is really very silly.

While we were already very proud of the chocolatey, nutty decaf coffee we’ve been using for the past few years, we’re even more proud to introduce the new decaf blend coming out of our very own roastery: Slow Jam. As of this week, all the decaf in our shops, both as drip and espresso, is being made with this new blend. It’s made up of 70% Brazilian coffee, a decaffeinated version of a coffee we currently use as the chocolatey base in several of our blends, mixed with 30% coffee from Yirgacheffe, the most famous growing region in Ethiopia - the birthplace of coffee. That Ethiopian coffee makes this blend pop, adding notes of berry to the deep sweetness provided by the Brazilian component. All this coffee is decaffeinated by the wonderful people at Swiss Water in British Columbia, who use their patented Green Coffee Extract to get the caffeine out of green unroasted coffee in a way that keeps intact as much of what is special and delicious about that coffee as possible.

So while it’s true that decaffeination changes the flavor of coffee, I’m confident that we’re putting out a product that is as high in quality as any coffee you would expect to be served at Gregorys.

In conjunction with the delicious Slow Jam blend, please enjoy this playlist of some of the best slow jams ever.



Director of Coffee