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New Coffee Flights at Special Project

New Coffee Flights at Special Project

December 30, 2016

Our Special Project location now boasts two new items on the menu. We’re excited to introduce the ‘One & One’ and ‘First Class Flight’. Whether you’re excited by the idea of learning about coffee through comparing different brew methods or just want to try something slightly different and delicious, we think you’ll have a good time with these.

 Similar to a beer or wine flight, a coffee flight consists of two or more drinks served together as a set. Our ‘One & One’ is served as a single espresso alongside a single cappuccino - this highlights the way in which the flavors of this particular espresso shine in milk. In the First Class Flight, the same single origin coffee is brewed as espresso as well as filter coffee, highlighting the different ways the flavors of that coffee reveal themselves across two different brew methods. And since our Special Project shop rotates single origin coffees, you’ll be able to experience these flights with a different coffee every few weeks.


One & One: Latte, espresso, water

One & One


First Class Flight: coffee, water, espresso

First Class Flight


Both flights offer two drinks, served on a small serving wooden board that holds the glassware alongside a glass of sparkling water for palate cleansing. You can studiously compare them or just enjoy; it’s as academic a tasting exercise as you want it to be.