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Meet our three new single origin coffees!

Meet our three new single origin coffees!

August 2, 2016

Single Origin coffee bags 
The single origin coffees from the last three months were super tasty but, while it's sad to move on from tasty things, there is definitely more deliciousness ahead. Meet our three new single origin coffees!

Washed Kenyan coffees basically scream summer to me as much as cut-off shorts and barbecues. They're lively, bright, and refreshing whether you're drinking them hot or over ice. This offering from a cooperative of farmers that process their coffee at the Kagunyu mill has a juicy nectarine note balanced with deep currant-like sweetness and acidity and a backbone of chocolate.

We found San Carlos through our friends at the wonderful, Guatemala City-based TG Lab, an exporter that takes a relatively hands-on approach to helping the farms they work with grow, harvest, and process the best coffee they possibly can. This particular coffee, from the Antigua region, balances roasted nut and caramel sweetness with pleasant strawberry acidity and a creamy body.
Our guest roaster coffee this time around comes from Los Angeles where our friend Deaton Pigot has started Take Flight Coffee, a roaster that so far is delivering nothing but deliciousness. This particular coffee is a classic washed coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, which means floral aromas, lots of complexity, and a delicate body. Gersi Kebele really stands out with tropical mango notes and peachy sweetness. 
Be sure to try all of these hot or over ice!