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How to do the brew... Gregs Way

How to do the brew... Gregs Way

June 8, 2017

We’re sharing our guide to making the ultimate summer drink at home. With these simple steps you’ll go from avid coffee drinker, to home barista in no time.


Who says you can’t make your cold brew and drink it too?


What you’ll need:

Coffee, 32oz Mason Jar, filter/strainer



  1. Coarsely grind 100 grams of coffee and place it in your brewing vessel (this can be a jar, a french press, or really anything you can put a lid on).

  2. Pour 750 grams of room temperature, filtered water onto the coffee and close your container.

  3. Leave it on the counter and wait 12 hours (go to bed, if you’d like).

  4. Strain the coffee through a filter of some sort. A paper filter will give you the least grit, but maybe you’ve been doing this in a French Press all along, and you can just pour it out. Or maybe you have a very fine mesh strainer laying around. Or maybe you’ve been using a Toddy-style filter that works like a tea bag: perfect.

  5. Pour over ice and enjoy (this recipe brews coffee at a strength specifically meant to be diluted by ice).

  6. Enjoy!

    The cold brew should keep for two weeks in your fridge. 


Pro Tip #1: This recipe will work best in a 32oz jar, but if you're brewing more or less coffee, just multiply or divide the amount of water and coffee.





Pro Tip #2: You can make a cold brew concentrate by using more coffee for the same amount of water and then diluting.