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Costa Rica

January 26, 2012

A few weeks ago, Fash Ave Manager Rachel and 44th Street Night Manager Naima became the latest Gregorys staff members to take a trip to origin and experience for themselves the beginnings of the coffee they love at the Las Lajas cooperative in Costa Rica. We’ve put up a bunch of their pictures in a Facebook album, and will have more of what they learned up here in the future, but here are some photo highlights:

L to R: The honey-processed Costa Rica Las Lajas beans (stripped of the skin, but not the mucilage before processing) and the natural-processed (skin-on) Las Lajas Perla Negra. We have served and enjoyed both coffees at Gregorys.

Oscar Chacon, the man largely responsible for the awesome quality of the coffee at Las Lajas.

Coffee cherry being separated by ripeness. The overripe cherries are less dense and therefore float to the top. Science!

Coffee cherry growing on a tree. You can see some green, way underripe ones in the bottom left corner. Those have a long while to go.

Coffee cherry from underripe to overripe.

Many, many more wonderful pictures at the Gregorys Facebook page.